Debt Collection

Debt Collection

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We have the most motivated and experienced team in the field of debt collection distributed throughout the country and is run by experienced professionals in providing solutions for both individuals and businesses.

We have sufficient capacity to process portfolios in large scale of uncollected debts from companies as well as personal debts, thanks to our level of expertise combined with the best solutions in the field of information technology. By relying on the law and on the basis of debt documents we have managed to collect not only the principal debts but also the interest and penalty obligations.

We offer debtors various solutions to settle their obligations, through agreements bring to the table the best solutions with debtors and we also offer our assistance in meeting their obligations.

We classify in a professional manner the status of each debtor for our customers. For each debtor, our experts conduct a thorough analysis and provide relevant recommendations. For debtors who are classified as unwilling to pay but are liquid, we as a company provide legal services from the issuance of executive order to execution of collateral through enforcement bills across Albania with whom we have cooperation agreements. Cooperation between our field experts and bailiff office companies has been successful, leading to faster recovery of collateral according to the case, as well as a faster execution of collateral.

The motto of our duty collection service is “NO Commissions until Collecting debts.” We take our commission because late payment liabilities are cashed at our clients’ bank office.

Please contact D & A Fin Partner Ltd. if you have considerable uncollected amounts.  Our experts will evaluate your receivable accounts and offer to collect on your behalf.