Who can be our customer?

Who can be our customer?

Our objective is to offer combined services that respond to the needs of each individual or trade activity. Our target customers are:

Financial institutions, be these second-tier banks, non-bank microfinance institutions.

Commercial activities, which operate with sales through credit through written contracts with their customers and have in their balance sheet unpaid obligations from customers. Such as: telephone companies, electricity distribution, water, construction companies, wholesale and retail companies, manufacturing and service activities etc.

Public institutions, which need legal services and consultancy within our areas of expertise.

Individuals who benefit from our legal services and those who need assistance in collecting personal contractual obligations.

Different organizations Foreign entrepreneurs, we offer full legal assistance to all foreign entrepreneurs wishing to open their business in Albania, as well as various legal assistance / consultations for the sectors where investments can be made, business openness and management , investment risk management, etc.