Consultancy for collection of customers’ obligations

A long-lasting, very sensitive and growing problem for the Albanian economy is lack of liquidity. The main reason companies exhibit these problems is a failure of customer obligations (sales invoices, payment of loan installments, etc.)

We provide consultation to companies that have problems with Customer Obligations by building:

  1. A list of Unpaid Obligations
  2. A delayed Structure from Customers
  3. A strategy and implementation for  debt Obligations
  4. A policy for Customer Payments Management to provide systematic solutions to the following problem

– Consultancy on Risk Management Issues

On the basis of each trade activity, individuals want to try new things and to break new areas unexplored before. We offer our support through consulting on Risk Management Issues to ensure that your initiatives and investments in capital, time and energy are not at risk.

Consulting consists of:

  1. Identification of activity risks under categories
  2. Determining the degree of impact of risks to business
  3. Building a strategy for managing risks
  4. A risk management training program for managers

Good risk management protects your business from failure and increases your chances of achieving your expected profit.

– Legal Advice

Our legal expertise covers a wide range of legal services, which are offered to all target groups of our clients. We provide counseling in relation to Albanian legislation and cover issues regulated by the law on commercial activities, competition law, labor code, intellectual property law, procurement law, environmental protection law and land use, etc.

Our services are tailored based on the customer’s needs and requirements, assessing each case individually to find the best solutions that meet those needs. Part of the consultancy is the full analysis of the client’s situation in order to understand the issues clearly.