Legal Services

Legal Services

Design / Review of contracts and other legal documents – trade agreements, loan agreements, service contracts, sales contracts, etc.

 Registrations / changes and liquidation of trading activities – joint venture transactions, collapse and acquisitions of companies, transformation of the company’s shareholding structure, etc.

 Representing of clients in front of state administrative and judicial bodies, arbitrations and third parties.

 Provide coverage for legal services needs on a monthly basis for individuals and business activities – routine legal services needed for the well-being of businesses or individuals.

 Legal services for foreign investors exercising or wishing to conduct business in Albania – advice on the capital structure (registered capital, reserve capital, etc.), representation of clients at all regulatory authorities in Albania, assistance with antitrust issues and antidumping in accordance with Albanian legislation, etc.  Provide legal representation services at all levels of the Judiciary on issues of a commercial-civil nature. ????