A message from founders

A message from founders

An individual, a business activity and an institution needs support, partnership, security on the long way of development. Undoubtedly it is founded to the professionals.  At the moment we initiated the creation of D & A Fin Partner Ltd. we thought that is; providing all of our accumulated experience over the years in the legal field and the administration of commercial activities and in particular in the administration of loans and their collection.

We decided to offer this experience to a wide range of clients, beginning with individuals, business activities, financial and non-financial institutions, organizations, etc. So, for anyone who seeks success, professionalism and the development of a sustainable business through the creation of profitable bonds. This is our mission to establish a reliable and sustainable partnership.

We are very proud to say that up to now we have managed to establish partnerships with some second tier banks, telecommunications companies, production businesses, services and trade in Albania and we manage a delayed outstanding portfolio of over 130,000 cases with professionalism and high ethics. We are proud of the success achieved up to now in collecting late liabilities on behalf of our clients and especially for the fact that over 80% of cases have been resolved through negotiations with debtors.

We are particularly pleased communicating with you today through these lines and we hope that we will have the opportunity to cooperate with you through providing of seriousness, expertise, experience, professionalism and dedication to solving your individual problems and / or your trading activities.

Thank you,

Dritan Abazi – Managing Partner